State representative Candidate Texas HD 148

A Different Approach

“Grizzle” Trojacek for Texas —

Politicians promise and promise, but the reality is that as soon as they get into office, they change. Perhaps they are caught in the same political machine that you and I are. Maybe it is time for something different.

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I entered this political process because I was tired of seeing the same thing over and over and I didn’t want that for my children. I hoped I could bring my years of experience cleaning up corporate governance to the Texas legislature.

Quality Over Quantity

Look – all of you pay taxes in one way or another so it is natural that you’d expect good value for your money.

Let’s work together to reduce your tax bill while honoring the different voices of District 148!

  • Optimization
  • Innovation
  • Wasteful Spending Reduction
  • Technology Enhancement



 LAW Makeover

So many laws and so little time to read them all! It’s time to review the laws we have on the books and do some Spring cleaning.



It is time to put more control in the hands of parents. The school system was designed over a hundred years ago and no longer works for today’s situation. I’m a big fan of giving parents options.



This State is growing and something needs to be done to deal with the taxes. Many are getting priced out of their homes and some are wanting to push for a sales tax. I am fundamentally opposed to income tax and all taxes on productivity.